kekes cafe lake nona

Kekes Cafe Lake Nona

You must have woken up early to browse the hiking trails and the water at Lake Nona. If you are feeling hungry, the most delicious paninis are available at 9723 Eagle Creek Center Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32832. Keke also has a separate menu for kids. If you wish to order extra food, browse our side order menu. Kekes Lake Nona fries are highly recommended. Call 407-751-7440 for delicious sausages and meats.

Kekes Café Lake Nona Location Florida

Map Location9723 Eagle Creek Center Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32832
Email[email protected]

Kekes cafe Lake Nona, also known as the Medical City, is becoming a trendy neighborhood in Orlando. It is closest to the Orlando International Airport, with a 25-minute drive. The city offers family-related fun activities with a unique perspective.

The parks in Lake Nona are excellent for enjoying the sub. They also offer soccer fields and playgrounds for children. There are also hiking and biking trails for tourists who wish to admire Lake Nona from an elevation.

If you wish to explore Kekes café Lake Nona and its town center, Keke suggests hopping over the Beep Bus. It is an autonomous and free bus service that will give the tour to children and adults. The self-driving vehicle will surely fascinate the young riders if the local scenery does not. Visit Kekes South Pasadena.

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