kekes cafe riverview fl

Kekes Cafe Riverview

Kekes café Riverview fl is full of unique attractions, carnivals, and circuses. In addition, you can also attempt regular and mini golf too. Don’t forget to spectate a local baseball game. Later, direct your ride to 11430 S. US Highway 301, Riverview, FL, 33569. You can dial 813-677-4521 to reach Kekes café Riverview during opening hours.

Kekes Café Riverview Location

Map Location11430 S. US Highway 301, Riverview, FL, 33569
Email[email protected]

Kekes Café Riverview is categorized as one of the oldest civilizations in Florida. It is part of the Hillsborough region with more than 107,000 residents, giving the city its signature homey touch. Riverview is well-known for balancing outdoor recreation with leisure.

The city offers different interesting activities ranging from athletic activities to nature preserves. Riverview dates back to the 1830s, with a surface area of more than 120,000 kilometers. Given the history and vast scale, you will find something to do.

Riverview offers a long list of outdoor and indoor activities for tourists. Be sure to visit the nature reserves filled with hiking trails and spectacular views of the Alafia River. The fishing charters also come highly recommended. If you are an angler or novice fisherman, the charters offer half and full-day access. You can access it for a few hours too. Kekes Brandon is your next destination for breakfast.

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