kekes durbin park st john

Kekes Durbin Park

Kekes Durbin Park St. John, offers a delightful atmosphere with friendly company. You can order waffles, pancakes, or customize meals at 450 Durbin Pavilion, Dr. Suite E106, St. Johns, FL 32259. Call 904-547-2284 for more details about the lunch and breakfast menu.

Kekes Durbin Park St. John Location

Map Location450 Durbin Pavilion, Dr. Suite E106, St. Johns, FL 32259
Email[email protected]

Keke’s Café Durbin Park St. John

Are you searching for a location that has it all? St. John welcomes locals, tourists, and visitors from everywhere because of its vast retail options. Whether you are looking for a new perfume or a shirt, St. John has it all at affordable prices. Keke guarantees you will not be bored searching for your next fashionable outfit.

St. John was a pasture 40 years ago when cattle grazed the lush grass. However, the 1980s decade witnessed fast-paced development. Employment grew as commercial activities were also increasing. The hidden secret to exploring St. John is practicing patience. Do not panic, as you will find activities that captivate your interest.

Kekes Durbin Park St John also offers a hot air balloon ride for the scenic beach and ocean views. If you are curious about local animals, there are sea serpent tours, boat rides, and much more. Whether you are traveling for a day or the weekend, St. John welcomes you with open arms. You may also like Kekes Winter Spring.

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