Kekes Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress

Kekes Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress

After exploring the Preserve, parks, and science center, it is time to explore the food. Kekes fort Myers six mile cypress offers well-balanced and delicious meals for adults and children. Visit 7949 Dani Drive, Unit 100, Fort Meyers, FL 33966, to browse our breakfast and dinner menu. You can also call 239-226-9500 for food-related queries.

Kekes Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress Location

Map LocationVisit 7949 Dani Drive, Unit 100, Fort Meyers, FL 33966
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Kekes Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is available for exploration via a 1.2-mile elevated boardwalk. There are platforms for tourists to stand tall and admire the scenery with a bird’s eye view. The wetlands provide an unimaginative scenery full of colors and diversity.

Six Mile Cypress is also an excellent space for photographers because the attraction offers photo blinds. This is perfect for aspiring photographers to add the perfect picture to their portfolio without disturbing the animals. After the tour ends, the attendees can pick up souvenirs at the gift shop. Don’t forget to enjoy the nature walk with the large interactive screens guiding you along the way. You may also like to visit Kekes Ocoee

Six Mile Cypress is one of the few places in Fort Meyers and Florida that showcase the beauty of biodiversity. The area showcases wetlands and diverse ecosystems that are habitats for wild pigs, otters, native fauna, and butterflies.

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