Kekes Lunch Beverages

KeKes Lunch Beverages 

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle
Coffee & Iced Coffee05 Calories
Sodas0-270 Calories
Iced Tea0 Calories
Hot Beverages0-210 Calories
Juices10-280 Calories
Milk160-550 Calories
Bottled Waters0 Calories

Kekes Lunch Beverages 

Set amidst the vibrant culinary backdrop of Florida, KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe has etched its mark as a distinguished eatery, celebrated for its sumptuous meals and carefully curated beverage selection. While the name might suggest morning delicacies, KeKe’s extends far beyond breakfast. It’s a haven for food enthusiasts throughout the day, with lunch offerings that stand tall in variety and flavor. Alongside their iconic dishes, KeKe’s showcases an equally impressive range of beverages designed to complement each meal. This commitment to diversity ensures that patrons have a drink to match their mood, meal, and the moment. Whether you’re a caffeine aficionado, a juice enthusiast, or someone who wants to relish a cold beverage on a hot day, KeKe’s promises to quench your thirst while delighting your palate. In the subsequent sections, we’ll embark on a journey through the refreshing and diverse beverage offerings at KeKe’s, revealing how they enhance the overall dining experience.

Keke’s Coffee & Iced Coffee

In beverages, coffee often stands out as a universal favorite. At KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe, the coffee experience is elevated to new heights. Ground fresh for every pot, KeKe’s ensures that each cup captures the robust aroma and full-bodied flavor that coffee aficionados cherish. At a mere 5 calories, their coffee is a guilt-free indulgence that’s both invigorating and warming. For those preferring a more relaxed alternative, the Iced Coffee provides a refreshing take on this classic drink. Whether you’re kickstarting your lunch with a caffeine boost or rounding off your meal with a comforting sip, KeKe’s Coffee and Iced Coffee promise to deliver an authentic and memorable experience.

Keke’s Sodas

The effervescence and zest of sodas have always been a crowd-pleaser, providing a bubbly accompaniment to diverse meals. KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe offers a stellar lineup of these fizzy delights. From the timeless charm of Coke and the lighter touch of Diet Coke to the fruity burst of Fruit Punch, there’s a flavor for every palate. The classic Root Beer provides a sweet and sarsaparilla-infused sensation, while Sprite offers its signature lemon-lime refreshment. And for those who crave a tangy twist, the Lemonade stands ready, bridging the gap between sweet and sour. With calorie counts ranging from 0 to 270, KeKe’s ensures transparency, allowing patrons to make informed choices while they indulge in their favorite carbonated drinks.

Keke’s Iced Tea

An understated elegance to iced tea makes it a perennial favorite, especially when paired with a hearty lunch. At KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe, the reverence for this drink is evident in its preparation. Brewed daily to ensure utmost freshness, the iced tea here isn’t just another beverage—it’s a testament to KeKe’s commitment to quality and authenticity. At 0 calories, it offers patrons a refreshing, calorie-free option, making it ideal for those seeking taste and health in their drink. The subtle astringency of the tea, combined with its cooling nature, promises a rejuvenating experience, making it the perfect drink to sip on during a mid-day break.

Keke’s Hot Beverages

Hot beverages come to the rescue when there’s a nip in the air, or one craves warmth in a cup. KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe has lovingly curated a selection of hot drinks that wrap you in comfort with every sip. Their Hot Tea, sitting at 0 calories, is a blend of aromatic tea leaves that transport you to serene tea gardens with every cup. This steaming infusion is perfect for those who appreciate the nuanced flavors of well-brewed tea. On the other hand, the Hot Chocolate is a delight for those with a penchant for sweet indulgence. At 210 calories, a creamy concoction strikes the right balance between rich cocoa and velvety milk. Every sip is akin to a warm hug, making it a cherished drink among patrons of all ages. Whether you lean towards the traditional or the indulgent, KeKe’s hot beverage selection promises a heartwarming experience.

Keke’s Juices

Nature’s bounty finds its way into KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe’s refreshing juices, each offering vitality and taste. Their range starts with the uplifting Orange juice, a citrusy delight known for its invigorating zest. The Apple juice, meanwhile, delivers a crisp and subtly sweet flavor reminiscent of orchards at the peak of harvest. For those leaning towards a slightly tart edge, the Cranberry juice is the perfect pick. In contrast, the Tomato juice offers a savory and rich experience, bursting with the goodness of sun-ripened tomatoes.

KeKe’s offers these juices in two sizes: a 10 oz. Serving ranges between 60-140 calories depending on the juice, and a more generous 20 oz. An option that falls between 120-280 calories. This allows patrons to choose a portion that best suits their thirst and nutritional preferences. Each sip is a reminder of KeKe’s commitment to sourcing the freshest produce and extracting their essence to present a beverage that is both flavorful and nourishing.

Keke’s Milk

Often hailed as a wholesome beverage, milk finds a special place in the beverage lineup at KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe. Recognizing that different palates have distinct preferences, KeKe’s offers a choice of Whole, 2%, and the ever-popular Chocolate milk. Whole milk provides a rich and full-bodied experience, retaining all its natural fats and creaminess. In contrast, the 2% milk offers a slightly leaner texture without compromising taste. And for those who love an added layer of indulgence, the Chocolate milk is a delightful blend of creamy milk and rich cocoa, ensuring a sweet treat in every gulp.

KeKe’s takes it a notch up by offering these milk variants in two sizes. Patrons can opt for a 10 oz. Serving, which has a calorie range of 160-280, or they can go for the 20 oz. A variant, with its calorie count ranging from 330-550. This versatility ensures that whether you’re looking for a modest refreshment or a substantial drink to complement your meal, KeKe’s has got you covered. Each glass of milk embodies KeKe’s promise of quality, freshness, and a dedication to serving beverages that cater to every taste and preference.

Keke’s Bottled Waters

In the realm of beverages, sometimes simplicity stands out the most. And nothing embodies this better than bottled water’s pure, refreshing taste. At KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe, their choice of brands shows their appreciation for pristine water sources. They offer Dasani, known for its crisp and clean profile, ensuring hydration in its most unadulterated form. Aqua Panna is an option for those who lean towards a touch of luxury. Sourced from the serene hills of Tuscany, it brings with it the promise of purity and unparalleled taste. These bottled waters sit at a calorie count of 0, making them the perfect accompaniment for any meal or simply as a refreshing stand-alone beverage. They act as a testament to KeKe’s dedication to offering a wide beverage range that caters to taste, health, and well-being. Whether you’re quenching your thirst after a hearty meal or simply seeking a refreshing drink, KeKe’s bottled water selection promises clarity, quality, and a rejuvenating experience. You can also explore Kekes kids’ beverages if you are with your kids.

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