kekes north lakeland

Kekes North Lakeland

4115 US Hwy 98 N Lakeland, FL, 33809 hosts delicious waffles, lunches, side orders, and beverages. Kekes north Lakeland is the ideal eatery after hiking the mountains, trails, valleys, and meadows.

Kekes North Lakeland Location Florida

Map Location4115 US Hwy 98 N Lakeland, FL, 33809
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Kekes North Lakeland strategically lies between Tampa and Orlando. It is located in Polk County, Florida. The land has a rich history as it was home to many Native American settlements. Presently, the Lakeland area hosts the Circle B Bar Reserve, another protected land.

The Lakeland country welcomes locals and tourists for its wide collection of lakes. Thus, the name. These water bodies are accessible by walking. The tails are interconnected so you can breathe fresh air while browsing North Lakeland freely.

The county also offers adventurous activities such as boating and fishing. Many tourists also participate in bird watching, which is an interesting pastime. You can admire spoonbills, plovers, and pelicans. North Lakeland is an incredible chance to step out of your comfort zone.

Lakeland is also a perfect destination for history lovers. Its theater arena was built in 1928. And with 1400 seating, it showcases period pieces under the open sky. Adults traveling with kids can explore the kids or airplane museum too.

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