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KeKes Paninis

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KeKe’s Café Paninis

Discover the world of Keke’s Paninis, where every bite is a culinary delight. Choose from a diverse menu featuring options like Italian Chicken and Cheese Steak. Each panini is perfectly grilled, ensuring a crisp exterior with flavorful ingredients. Embark on a delectable journey with Keke’s Paninis.

Grilled Cheese520-710 Cal$09.79
Italian Chicken 910 Cal$12.29
Ham & Swiss (On Rye or Ciabatta)890-1050 Cal$11.79
Cheeseburger980-1030 Cal$12.29
Bacon, Tomato and Cheddar940 Cal$11.79
Cheese Steak680-750 Cal$13.29
Southwest Turkey, Tomato and Cheese1110 Cal$11.79
Southwest Turkey Club1330 Cal $13.79
Portabella850 Cal$11.79
Chicken & Salsa6800 Cal$12.29
Add an Egg to any Sandwich80 Cal $0.99

Introducing Keke’s Paninis

Welcoming patrons with open arms, Keke’s Breakfast Café is a beloved culinary gem in Florida. With its reputation for mouth-watering breakfast and lunch options, Keke’s attracts locals and visitors, seeking meals that comfort the soul and delight the senses. The warm, cozy atmosphere and a vast, flavorful menu ensure that every visit is a gastronomic delight, making Keke’s a preferred destination for delectable dining.

Step into the world of Keke’s Paninis, a delightful array where each option is a unique feast for the senses. Choices range from the hearty Cheese Steak to the delightful Portabella, offering a panini for every preference and palate. Keke crafts each panini with the finest ingredients, ensuring a flavorful burst with every bite. The perfect grill marks promise a crispy outside while the inside is packed with luscious, melting flavors. Immerse yourself in the Keke’s Panini experience, and savor the symphony of tastes and textures that await you.

Grilled Cheese Panini

Indulge in the classic comfort of a Grilled Cheese Panini at Keke’s, a beloved favorite that promises satisfaction and warmth in every bite. At Keke’s, the Grilled Cheese Panini is not just a meal; it’s a customizable experience designed to cater to diverse tastes. Guests can choose from two types of cheese, including American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, or Provolone, ensuring a personal touch to this timeless dish. Each Grilled Cheese Panini is meticulously prepared and packed with a caloric range of 520-710, offering flavor and energy to fuel your day. Priced at an affordable $9.79, the Grilled Cheese Panini at Keke’s is a celebration of creamy, melted cheese hugged between perfectly grilled bread, making it a must-try for both cheese aficionados and panini enthusiasts.

Italian Chicken Panini

Embark on a Mediterranean culinary journey with the Italian Chicken Panini at Keke’s. This exquisite offering is a harmonious blend of succulent chicken breast, aromatic pesto sauce, sweet roasted red pepper, and melt-in-your-mouth provolone cheese, combining to create a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. With a substantial 910 calories, it’s a hearty meal that will leave you satiated and filled with the vibrant tastes of Italy. The Italian Chicken Panini, priced at $12.29, is a tribute to authentic Italian flavors, masterfully assembled and grilled to perfection for a golden, crispy finish. This delightful dish is a testament to Keke’s dedication to providing diverse and exciting panini options, ensuring a memorable dining experience with every visit.

Ham & Swiss Panini

Dive into the delectable Ham and Swiss Panini world at Keke’s, a classic that never fails to hit the right notes. Choose between the hearty rye or the crusty ciabatta, each adding unique texture and flavor to the sumptuous filling of rich ham, melted Swiss cheese, and a drizzle of sweet honey mustard. This beautiful combination culminates in a range of 890-1050 calories, providing a substantial, flavorful meal that satisfies your hunger and delights your taste buds. Priced at $11.79, the Ham & Swiss Panini is a timeless choice for those seeking a balance of savory ham, creamy cheese, and the slight sweetness of honey mustard, all perfectly grilled for that desired crunch with each bite. Experience the Ham & Swiss Panini at Keke’s, where tradition and flavor meet, creating a memorable meal that beckons you to return.

Cheeseburger Panini

Savor the richness of the Cheeseburger Panini at Keke’s, a flavorful escapade that brings together the beloved elements of a classic burger in the form of a grilled delight. This panini is a hearty ensemble of chopped hamburger paired with your choice of fresh, crisp vegetables, all complemented by the smooth melt of white American cheese. With a caloric content ranging from 980 to 1030, it’s a substantial meal that promises taste and satisfaction. For $12.29, dive into the Cheeseburger Panini experience at Keke’s. Enjoy the familiar comfort of a cheeseburger seamlessly blended with a panini’s crisp, grilled allure, offering a unique and delightful dining experience, leaving a lasting impression and longing for the next bite.

Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Panini

Delight in the savory embrace of the Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Panini at Keke’s, where each ingredient melds perfectly to create a masterpiece of flavors. Relish the crispy strips of bacon paired with fresh, juicy tomato slices and crowned with the sharp, melty cheddar cheese. With a total of 940 calories, this panini is a harmonious balance of smoky, fresh, and creamy flavors, offering a satisfying and flavorful meal. Priced at $11.79, the Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Panini is a must-try at Keke’s, ensuring a delightful culinary experience that highlights the simple yet profound flavors of its ingredients, all encased in perfectly grilled bread that adds the right amount of crunch, making every bite a celebration.

Cheese Steak Panini

Indulge in the hearty and robust Cheese Steak Panini at Keke’s, which guarantees a festival of flavors and textures in every bite. With your preferred selection of fresh vegetables paired with decadent white American cheese, each element comes together to enhance the richness of the steak. The Cheese Steak Panini, ranging from 680 to 750 calories, is a wholesome and gratifying meal that caters to both your hunger and culinary cravings. Priced at $13.29, it’s a worthwhile investment into a gourmet experience that pays tribute to the traditional cheese steak while adding a panini’s unique, grilled touch. Relish the multiplicity of flavors in the Cheese Steak Panini at Keke’s, where every ingredient is a note in a harmonious culinary melody.

Southwest Turkey Tomato and Cheese Panini

Experience bold flavors with the Southwest Turkey Tomato and Cheese Panini at Keke’s. This panini is a tribute to the vibrant and spicy notes of the Southwest, featuring tender turkey breast, fresh tomato slices, and a kick of pepper jack cheese, all harmoniously brought together with the distinctive Texas petal sauce. Packing a wholesome 1110 calories, this panini is not just a meal but a journey through the rich and bold flavors of the Southwest. At $11.79, the Southwest Turkey Tomato and Cheese Panini is an adventure worth taking, promising an unforgettable explosion of taste and texture. This warm, grilled perfection resonates with the spirit and zest of southwestern cuisine.

Southwest Turkey Club Panini

Discover a flavorful expedition with the Southwest Turkey Club Panini at Keke’s, where each bite is a melody of diverse tastes and textures. This delectable panini boasts succulent turkey breast and crisp tomato, brought to life with the spicy zest of pepper jack cheese and the unique flavor of Texas petal sauce. The addition of crispy bacon adds a smoky note, completing the flavor panorama with a satisfying crunch. Delivering a robust 1330 calories, this panini is a feast for the senses, ensuring both nourishment and culinary delight. For $13.79, the Southwest Turkey Club Panini stands as a flavorful beacon in Keke’s menu, offering an immersive dining experience that echoes the lively spirit of the Southwest in every scrumptious bite.

Portabella Panini

Immerse yourself in the rich, earthy flavors of the Portabella Panini at Keke’s. This culinary gem combines the hearty taste of grilled Portabella mushrooms, complemented by roasted red peppers’ sweet and smoky touch. The infusion of aromatic pesto sauce and the gentle melt of provolone cheese add layers of depth and complexity to the flavor profile, ensuring a gourmet experience in every bite. At 850 calories, the Portabella Panini offers a fulfilling and flavorful meal, exuding warmth and satisfaction. Priced at $11.79, indulge in the symphony of flavors and textures that the Portabella Panini presents, showcasing Keke’s unwavering commitment to delivering diverse and exquisite panini offerings to every discerning palate.

Chicken & Salsa Panini

Discover the vibrancy of the Chicken & Salsa Panini at Keke’s. This dish artfully blends the succulent pieces of grilled chicken breast with the fresh, zingy allure of homemade salsa. The smooth embrace of white American cheese adds a comforting note to the mix, wrapping the ingredients in a blanket of creamy richness. At just 680 calories and $12.29, this panini is a testimony to Keke’s commitment to offering its esteemed patrons wholesome and flavorful meal choices. Enjoy the flavors and the delightful textures of the Chicken and salsa Panini, and let your taste buds embark on an exciting culinary adventure.

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