Kekes Breakfast Sandwiches

KeKes Sandwiches

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle
B.L.T Sandwiches740 Cal$09.99
Ham & Turkey Club Sandwiches1200 Cal$12.99
Tuna Melt Sandwiches760 Cal$10.99
Turkey Club Sandwiches380 Cal$12.99
Add an Egg to Any Sandwich80 Cal$0.99

KeKes Sandwiches 

Diverse Sandwich Offerings

Do you think Keke’s Breakfast Café is just about breakfast? Absolutely not, it’s also a haven for sandwich lovers. Known for its exemplary culinary offerings and the freshness of its ingredients, Keke’s has become a household name in Florida. Stepping into Keke’s Café during lunch hours opens up a world filled with sumptuous sandwiches, each crafted with care, passion, and a deep understanding of flavors and textures.

Keke’s prides itself on offering various sandwiches, ensuring every patron finds something that tickles their palate. From the classic B.L.T to the hearty Ham & Turkey Club, each sandwich tells a story of quality, freshness, and a commitment to providing delightful meals. The option to add an egg to any sandwich showcases the café’s dedication to customization, ensuring each meal is as unique as the individual enjoying it. The Tuna Melt and the Turkey Club are testaments to Keke’s ability to blend classic recipes with contemporary tastes, creating timeless meals that resonate with a broad spectrum of customers. Below is the detail of each sandwich offering, highlighting the ingredients, prices, and unique aspects that set Keke’s sandwiches apart in the culinary landscape of Florida.

B.L.T Sandwiches

The B.L.T at Keke’s Breakfast Café is a classic redefined with utmost attention to quality and taste. The KeKes sandwiches promises fresh, crispy strips of bacon, cooked to perfection, laid delicately on a bed of crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices. The mayonnaise adds a creamy contrast, binding all the elements together in a beautiful symphony of flavors. Served on perfectly toasted white bread, the B.L.T boasts a delightful crunch, ensuring satisfaction with every bite. At 740 calories and priced at an affordable $9.99, the B.L.T is not just a sandwich; it’s an experience. A harmony of textures and flavors, it embodies the simplicity and excellence that Keke’s is renowned for, making it a must-try for regulars and first-time visitors. Indulge in the B.L.T at Keke’s Cafe to revel in a timeless culinary delight.

Ham & Turkey Club Sandwiches

The Ham & Turkey Club at Keke’s is a robust meal that captivates your senses with its hearty ingredients and meticulous preparation. The KeKe sandwiches features tender turkey breast and ham slices, each with distinct, savory flavors. The addition of crisp bacon strips introduces a delightful crunch and a smoky undertone that beautifully complements the freshness of the tomato and lettuce. The mayonnaise adds a silky touch, harmonizing the diverse ingredients into a cohesive, flavorful feast. Served on wholesome wheat toast that adds texture and nutty flavors, the sandwich is a fulfilling meal. With a calorie count of 1200 and priced at $12.99, the Ham & Turkey Club at Keke’s is a tribute to the art of sandwich making, promising to satiate your hunger and provide a memorable dining experience. Immerse yourself in the layers of flavor and texture that the Ham & Turkey Club generously offers, and relish the excellence of Keke’s culinary craftsmanship.

Tuna Melt Sandwiches

Welcome to the world of rich and luscious flavors with Keke’s Tuna Melt. Available on your choice of toast, this sandwich is a confluence of creamy tuna salad, crunchy romaine, and the mild, melty goodness of cheddar cheese. The tuna salad is a delightful mix, prepared with the finest ingredients to ensure a burst of flavor with every bite. The contrasting textures of romaine and toast offer a satisfying crunch, making each bite a pleasure. The warmth of the melted cheddar cheese envelops the other ingredients, adding a layer of comfort to this wholesome sandwich. With 760 calories, the Tuna Melt is a balanced meal that fills you without feeling heavy, making it a perfect choice for a light yet fulfilling lunch. Priced at $10.99, it’s a steal for its quality and satisfaction. Enjoy the Tuna Melt at Keke’s, where every bite of a sandwich is a journey of flavors and textures, crafted with love and precision for you to savor and enjoy.

Turkey Club Sandwiches

Discover the luscious layers of Keke’s Turkey Club, a sandwich that masterfully blends many flavors and textures into a delightful culinary creation. Beginning with succulent slices of turkey breast, the sandwich offers a tender and flavorful base. The addition of crispy bacon strips adds a rich, smoky depth to the flavor profile, enhancing the sandwich’s overall taste. Fresh tomato and lettuce bring a refreshing crunch, offering a balance to the richness of the meat and bacon. The mayo seamlessly unites all the ingredients, its creamy texture providing a delightful contrast and additional flavor depth. Presented on wholesome wheat toast with a subtle nutty taste and additional crunch, the Turkey Club celebrates flavors in every bite. It has a caloric value of 1210 and is priced at $12.99, ensuring a fulfilling meal worth every penny. Indulge in the Turkey Club at Keke’s, and let yourself be swept into a world where every ingredient plays its part in creating a perfect symphony of tastes and textures.

Add an Egg to Any Sandwich

Keke’s allows you to elevate your sandwich experience by adding an egg to any sandwich you choose. For a nominal price of $0.99 and an addition of 80 calories, transform your meal into a more decadent, more satisfying feast. The egg, cooked to your preference, adds a layer of warmth and a delicate texture that complements the various ingredients in your sandwich, enhancing each bite with its mild, comforting flavor. It augments the taste and contributes additional nutritional value, making your meal more wholesome and hearty. This option is a testament to Keke’s commitment to offering flexible and personalized dining experiences for all its customers, ensuring that each visit is a delightful and satisfying culinary adventure. So, next time you order a sandwich at Keke’s, remember to add an egg and savor the enhanced flavors and textures it brings to your meal.

Kettle Chips and Pickle Spear with Every Sandwich

At Keke’s Breakfast Café, every sandwich order is complemented with the crunchy satisfaction of Kettle Chips and the tangy bite of a Pickle Spear, adding an extra tast and enjoyment to your meal. The Kettle Chips, with their perfect crispiness and just the right amount of salt, are the ideal companion to your chosen sandwich. They contribute an enjoyable crunch and satisfy your craving for savory and crisp. With no additional calories, the pickle spear brings a zesty refreshment to your meal. Its tangy flavor contrasts beautifully with the other elements of your meal, cleansing your palate and adding an exciting dimension to your dining experience. This thoughtful pairing not only enhances the flavors of your sandwich but also ensures a well-rounded, delightful meal that leaves you thoroughly satisfied. Have the perfect combination of tast and textures with every sandwich order at Keke’s, where every detail is curated for your ultimate dining pleasure.

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