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Kekes Sanford

After a busy day exploring culture and shops, Keke insists you dine at Kekes Sanford branch. Delicious paninis and sandwiches await you, so visit 1401 WP Ball, Boulevard Sanford, FL 32771. Call 407-732-4170

Kekes Sanford FL Location

Map Location1401 WP Ball, Boulevard Sanford, FL 32771
Email[email protected]

Kekes Breakfast Café Sanford

Sanford is equidistant from Orlando and Daytona Beach, which hosts the famous Florida Auto Train and welcomes tourists into the local community. Sanford is present on the southern shore of Lake Monroe. It is also close to the St. Johns River, a historic and beautiful spot.

Get ready to experience the local charm by admiring 19th-century buildings. The architecture is reflected in public buildings that are open to tours. Sanford also hosts a waterfront park and shops.

Sanford is unique because it offers a distinctive experience due to antiquing and collectible shops. A two-block radius of shops surrounds Magnolia Square to keep you entertained. You can also visit the Wayne Dench Performing Arts Center, which was successfully restored by the Sanford community.

Sanford also has activities for nature lovers and fishermen. You can easily hire a car to browse the busiest tourist attractions. Don’t forget to Native American historical sites to learn more about their culture. You may like to visit Kekes Fort Myers Florida.

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