Kekes South Pasadena

Kekes South Pasadena

After you are done exploring the sites, drive to 6862 Gulfport Boulevard, Kekes South Pasadena, FL 33707, for delicious breakfast and lunch food. Keke welcomes tourists and locals to experience the culture at Kekes South Pasadena branch. You can call 727-954-4478 for more queries.

Kekes South Pasadena Location Florida

Map Location6862 Gulfport Boulevard, South Pasadena, FL 33707
Email[email protected]

South Pasadena is a quaint suburb in St. Petersburg and part of Pinellas County with a heavily urbanized feeling. It has a small population consisting of beach lovers and surfers. Most of the individuals living in the county are locals, so you will not have trouble asking for directions or recommendations.

South Pasadena has a very busy nightlife with numerous adult attractions. However, days are very busy too. The locality offers many parks where you can spend quality time with the family. One of the most obvious things you will notice in South Pasadena is retirees. These individuals create the liberal South Pasadena population.

If you are interested in sea life, South Pasadena offers interactive waterparks where the attendees directly interact with dolphins and fish. In addition, the attraction also includes cruises, where the attendees can enjoy the crystal blue water and magnificent sunsets every evening. Lastly, there are island tours and music festivals to enjoy too. Visit Kekes Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress.

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