kekes university town center

Kekes University Town Center

Kekes University Town Center also offers a lunch menu. The address is 5405 University Parkway Unit 104, University Park, FL 34201. For queries regarding meal timings, menu items, and calorie counts, dial 941-388-8953.

Kekes University Town Center Location FL

Map Location5405 University Parkway Unit 104, University Park, FL 34201
Email[email protected]

Keke’s Breakfast Café University Town Center

University Town Center is a living and bustling center that transformed into attracting constant foot traffic. Initially, it was designed as a living space but changed into a town center full of life and engagement. The University Town Center captivates tourists and locals with its unique architecture. However, there are also airy spots and landscapes for travelers to relax.

The open spaces and well-constructed buildings provide a balance that celebrates sustainability and harmony. The University Town Center was built with an inspiration to welcome the USA as a leader in ecological preservation through architecture and design.

The University Town Center stretches over 1900 square feet of residential, commercial, theater, and office spaces. Its construction plans accommodate transit, traffic, and economic connectivity. In addition, the University Town Center also offers 261 acres of trails, parks, and lakefront paths to enjoy the scenery. There are separate streets for pedestrians and cycling lovers, which benefits everyone.

When you are done browsing the parks and commercial properties, make your way to Kekes University Town Center for delicious breakfast servings. You may also like Keke’s West Tennessee Street.

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