kekes windermere

Kekes Windermere

After fulfilling your eyes with the amazing scenic views, it is time to visit kekes Windermere. Delicious sausages and paninis await you at 6526 Old Brick Road, Suite 130, Windermere, FL, 34786. You can dial 407-612-5800 to inquire about open hours. You can ride, walk, or stroll to Kekes Windermere’s location.

Kekes Breakfast Cafe Windermere Location

Map Location6526 Old Brick Road, Suite 130, Windermere, FL, 34786
Email[email protected]

Explore Kekes Windermere

Sometimes you wish to escape the business of a large metropolitan area, and your dream is justified too. Windermere is the perfect escape to experience the serenity and peacefulness of a small city. You will instantly fall in love with the area. The residents are wonderful, and the attractions are very impressive.

The small town of Windermere has everything you can wish for—sun-kissed beaches, island getaways, waterways, fisheries, and historical sites. You can also shop at Main Street, a retail area lined with old trees and antique shops that celebrate local craftsmanship. After some retail therapy, enjoy bonding time with your family at a park. These lush greens offer a spectacular view of the water. The tourists can also enjoy a canoe ride to explore the lakes and feed the fish. Visit kekes Ormond beach for more fun and tasty breakfast.

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