Where to eat in Hastings Minnesota

Where to eat in Hastings Minnesota?

Wiederholt’s Supper Club

Wiederholt’s Supper Club is a family-owned restaurant in Hastings, Minnesota. The eatery services mouth-salivating stakes, seafood, and sides in a rustic manner. The Supper Club offers an elegant atmosphere for dining. Its interior comprises brick walls, dim illumination, and floored carpeting. The surrounding is formal, with dinners occasionally chatting.

Schoolhouse Scoop

Schoolhouse Scoop is a delicious restaurant that serves ice cream and popcorn to its wide range of customers. It is the go-to eatery if you are craving a sweet tooth. Schoolhouse Scoop offers ice cream in many flavors that surely initiate beautiful memories. Don’t forget to try the cotton candy and Zanzibar flavor! However, the chocolate chip cookie is a clear winner.

Lock and Dam Eatery

Lock and Dam Eatery is a casual restaurant that offers excellent wraps and burgers. It focuses on Mexican and Italian flavors and serves delicious pasta and tacos. Lock and Dam Eatery is the perfect venue for hosting birthdays as it will accommodate all the guests with its open floor plan. Furthermore, there is a bar for adults too.

Me and Julio

Me and Julio is also a casual eating restaurant with Mexican-inspired meals. The customers usually order fajitas and enchiladas with their favorite drink of choice. Me and Julio is a picturesque venue with deer sculptures, wooden chairs, and chic lighting. The restaurant aims to heighten the visual senses and taste buds.

The Busted Nut

The Busted Nut is a fast-food place with burgers, pizzas, and beer on the menu. You can invite friends or work colleagues to eat there after the office. The restaurant offers a pleasant environment with sports games on the TV. The experience is similar to watching the event/game live in the stadium, with the guests cheering each time their team scores.

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Dunn Brothers Coffee is a two-story building made from red brick, which makes the restaurant very easy to discover. The eatery is famous for its eggs, morning plates, and coffee. Dunn Brothers Coffee immediately provides a homey feeling. It is like you have never left your home!

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