Where to eat lunch in Dayton Ohio

Where to eat lunch in Dayton Ohio?

Lily’s Bistro

The top lunch place in Dayton, Ohio, is Lily’s Bistro. The restaurant showcases great lunch choices, which are prepared with seasonal and fresh ingredients. You can order a rib-eye with potato salad. In addition, there is also a delicious roasted eggplant with spaghetti on the menu too.

Dominique Bistro and Bar

Dominique Bistro and Bar is an elegant space to spend your afternoon dining. It was previously named C’est Tout. The architecture is mesmerizing, with a 75-foot custom glass exterior, making the location perfect for a romantic lunch. You can order the entrees in two sizes which range in vegetable and meat choices.

Jay’s Seafood

Jay’s Seafood is a proud eating establishment that uses only fresh ingredients in its recipes. The guests can inquire about the fresh dish before arriving at the restaurant. Jay’s Seafood also offers a seafood market, a wine cellar, and a kitchen door option where the guests can pick up lunch to eat outside.

Rue Dumaine

Rue Dumaine is a French-inspired restaurant in Dayton, Ohio. It is a popular lunch space as the chefs have combined French cuisine with American seasoning. In addition, Rue Dumaine employs local ingredients in its meals. Rue Dumaine also offers gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, which are mentioned separately on their menu.


Salar is also a well-known lunch restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, which combines French, Mediterranean, and Peruvian cuisines. The head chef is a Peruvian native who mixes his culture with American cooking. He delivers delicious meals which the guests instantly enjoy. Salar also offers valet parking and a diverse cocktail menu to amplify the lunch experience.


Meadowlark offers generous meal portions with delicious seasoning. Therefore, the lunch restaurant is perfect after an exercise or meeting session. Meadowlark is especially packed during the winter season due to its hearty meals, such as steak, sausages, and other proteins.

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