Which Canton or Avon restaurants serve breakfast all day

Which Canton or Avon restaurants serve breakfast all day?

Little Oak Café

Little Oak Café in Canton is located in a small shopping area with plenty of parking. Even though the location is small, there is no management overlap. The surrounding is spotless, and the menu contains various pizzas and sandwiches for breakfast. There are also vegetarian options such as hummus, tea, and coffee.

Toasted Oat Café

Toasted Oat Café serves delicious breakfast bowls. The additions and side dish menu options are endless. You can customize an entire breakfast bowl to and from work. Toasted Oat Café in Canton is well-known for its garlic and chipotle mayo. Furthermore, the combinations are healthy too. Unfortunately, they are very busy on the weekends.

The Bagel Chalet

The Bagel Chalet offers freshly baked bagels right from the oven. The delicious bagels are baked in-house with various cream cheese options and the freshest ingredient. The Bagel Chalet accepts payment through credit card but does not accept Apple Pay.

Samantha’s Downtown Restaurant

Samantha’s Downtown Restaurant & Bar is an all-breakfast place with a diverse menu. You will find something on the menu you will like. The restaurant offers unique items and is the go-to option if you are searching for delicious meals in Canton. You can also reserve it for a business meeting or a casual family meal.

The Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest is another popular establishment offering pleasant breakfast meals. The restaurant serves proteins, including fish and pork sandwiches, which is an unconventional approach for breakfast. The service is efficient, friendly, and fast. The Crow’s Nest is a timeless addition to an all-breakfast list of restaurants.

First Watch

First Watch in Canton offers casual dining with gluten-friendly options. The menu showcases traditional American meals and is highly recommended for breakfast. The eatery specializes in freshly prepared meals. The kitchen staff enters the kitchen before sunrise to provide you with freshly cut fruits, baked muffins, and toast.

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