kekes Beverages

Kekes Beverages

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle


Fountain Drinks and Cold Beverages0-270 Calories$3.49
Coffee0 – Calories$3.49
Hot Beverages0-210 Calories$2.99
Milk330 Calories$3.49
Juices280 Calories$4.99
Bottled Water0 – Calories$2.49

Keke’s Breakfast Café Beverages

A refreshing drink by the meal’s side can enhance the eating experience. Here is the full menu Kekes beverages offers:

Fountain Drinks and Cold Kekes Beverages

These are carbonated drinks that contain artificial or natural flavor:

Coke, Diet Coke, Fruit Punch, Root Beer, Sprite, Lemonade, Iced Tea

0-270 calories, $3.49


“Three cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away!”

Coffee, Iced Coffee

Zero calories, $3.49

Hot Beverages

KeKe relies on hot Kekes beverages to wake us up, attain flavor, and eliminate an annoying sleep lull.

Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate

0-210 calories ($2.99 | $3.49)


A glass of milk contains calcium, phosphorous, B Vitamins, and proteins. Better sleep is an added benefit.

Whole Milk, 2% Milk, Chocolate Milk

160-280/ 330-550 Calories | $2.49 – 10 oz., $3.49 – 20 oz.


Freshly squeezed juices strengthen immunity, eliminate toxins, and improve digestion. These are the distracted version of eating fruits but with concentrated nutrition.

Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Tomato

60-140/ 120-280 calories | $3.49 – 10 oz., $4.99 – 20 oz.

Bottled Water

Water intake will cleanse the internal system and enhance functions. Water is your best friend. You also need to check Kekes side orders.

Dasani, $2.49 | Aqua Panna, $3.49

Zero Calories

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