kekes side orders

Kekes Side Orders

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle

Side Orders

Keke’s Breakfast Café amplifies its flavors with delicious Kekes side orders. These are served separately

Silver Dollar Pancakes90 Calories$5.49
Turkey Sausage280 Calories$5.49
Breakfast Salad790 Calories$5.49
Home Fries620 Calories$7.49
Bacon290 Calories$5.49
Sausage360 Calories$5.49
Turkey Bacon180 Calories$5.49
Grilled Ham Steak260 Calories $5.49
English Muffin or Toast320 Calories$3.49
Quaker Hot Oatmeal450 Calories$7.49
Fresh Fruit Cup500 Calories $11.49
Strawberries and Banana140 Calories$5.49
Cottage Cheese180 Calories$3.49

Keke’s Cafe Side Orders

Silver Dollar Pancakes

Kekes Side orders became trendy in the 1800s. These five golden silver dollar pancakes are two to three inches wide—the same size as the silver dollar in 1979.

90 Calories, $5.49 (Small $6.49, Large $9.49)

Turkey Sausage

Turkey sausages are made with lean, low-fat meat. Add them to your meal.

Four links, 280 calories, $5.49

Breakfast Salad

You can eat salad for breakfast. KeKe present a healthy and well-seasoned salad with yogurt, honey, fruit, and Granola.

460/790 calories, $5.49

Home Fries

Home Fries are a Belgian invention from the 17th and early 18th centuries. Keke’s Breakfast Café serves them with ham, bacon, or cheddar cheese.

490 to 620 calories, $7.49


A staple on everyone’s plate. Let us know how crispy you want it!

Four strips at 290 calories, $5.49


Add sausages as Kekes side orders to boost iron and vitamin B-12 intake. These are essential for healthy living.

Four links, 360 calories, $5.49

Turkey Bacon

KeKes side orders offer the most delicious turkey bacon made from turkey meat and a secret blend of seasonings.

Four strips, 180 calories, $5.49

Grilled Ham Steak

Grilled ham steak is a refreshing change from traditional Kekes side orders. It will leave you licking the chops.

130/260 calories (Single $3.99, Double $5.49)

English Muffin or Toast

The side order is lower in calories but abundant in carbohydrates to fuel for your brain and muscles. You can choose white, wheat, rye, or cinnamon raisin.

130-320 calories, $3.49

Quaker Hot Oatmeal

The side order is a reliable source of fiber and made from a hundred percent whole-grain quaker oats. It is served with sliced banana and an English muffin.

450 calories, $7.49

Fresh Fruit Cup

Even chunks of strawberry, banana, blueberry, grape, and orange for a super-healthy immunity boost.

270-500 calories (Cup $7.49, Bowl $11.49)

Strawberries and Banana

The fruit combination will have you feeling refreshed with an additional boost of Vitamin C and Minerals. No added sugar or preservatives.

140 calories, $5.49

Cottage Cheese

Order cottage cheese with servings including bananas, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruit slices. KeKealso offer it with diced pineapples for an additional $0.50. You may also love to eat Egg Favorites.

150/180 calories, $3.49

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