kekes egg favorites

Kekes Egg Favorites

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle

Egg Favorites

Kekes egg favorites presents a flavorsome sandwich jam-packed with cheese, butter, and eggs.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich590 Calories$9.99
Two Egg Combo760 Calories$8.99
Three Egg Combo840 Calories$9.99
Five Egg Whites670 Calories$12.99
Scrambler Bowl990 Calories$11.99
Two Egg Wrap1050 Calories$8.99
Breakfast Wrap1060 Calories$10.49
Egg White and Vegetable Wrap520 Calories $12.99

Kekes Egg Favorites The Taste of Heaven

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Kekes egg favorites presents a flavorsome sandwich jam-packed with cheese, butter, and eggs. KeKe use whole wheat bread with optional home fries on the side. You can also add meats too.

210 calories for $6.99, 590 calories for $9.99

Two Egg Combo

Do you want a two-egg combo on toast or an English Muffin? Pick your favorite with home fries served on the side.

670-760 calories, $8.99

Three Egg Combo

Three eggs are better than two! Enjoy the whole-hearted serving with toast or an English muffin. Don’t forget the home fries to complete the delicious meal.

750-840 calories, $9.99

Five Egg Whites

Kekes egg favorites include Egg whites that are low in calories, cholesterol, and fat. Add protein-filled egg whites with turkey bacon, turkey sausage, and toast. It is an ideal meal if you want to lose weight enrooted to the fitness journey.

490-670 calories, $12.99

Scrambler Bowl

Scrambler Bowl is a mouth-watering and well-balanced savory breakfast meal. It includes two extra-large eggs, three vegetables, and your favorite cheese. Lastly, you can also request Home Fries with toast. KeKe also add meats too.

820-990 calories, $11.99

Two Egg Wrap

Egg wrap is a versatile serving you can order with vegetables or meats. Cheese and home fries make it a low-carb and keto-friendly meal. The thin egg wrap is a testament to our culinary staff’s expertise.

1050 calories, $8.99

Breakfast Wrap

Are you on an empty stomach after a rigorous early morning run? Order Kekes egg favorites Breakfast Wrap with two eggs, three vegetables, cheese, and home fries. You can fully customize it according to your liking.

890-1060 calories, $10.49

Egg White and Vegetable Wrap

Enjoy the protein-filled three egg whites with vegetables to help you build and maintain muscles. The serving is also healthy for the heart with the added small fruit cup. You can also add meats from the list below too.

490-520 calories, $12.99

Additions and Substitutions


Add the following vegetables to your serving for $0.50 each addition:

  • Tomato, five calories
  • Spinach zero calories
  • Onion, 15 calories
  • Green pepper, 15 calories
  • Broccoli, five calories
  • Mushroom, zero calories
  • Jalapeno, five calories


Add the following meats to your serving for $1.50 each addition:

  • Ham, 40 calories
  • Bacon, 150 calories
  • Sausage, 170 calories
  • Turkey bacon, 40 calories
  • Turkey Sausage, 80 calories
  • Chicken breast, 70 calories

Egg Whites

In the Kekes egg favorites Add egg whites for $1.49. 50 calories.

Egg Substitutes

Welcome egg substitutes into the meal for $0.99. 90 calories.

Side of Petal sauce

Add a creamy, memorable, and spicy sauce to your meals with a kick of paprika and cayenne.

320 calories, $0.50

Side of Salsa

Enjoy the delicious salsa on the side with vitamins B and potassium.

20 calories, $0.50

Substitute Athenos Feta

You can replace Athenos Feta with a cheese of your choosing

80 calories, $0.99

Add Home Fries Inside of your omelet

Enjoy the carb-filled diet with home fries carefully folded inside your omelet. For more visit Kekes menu.

140 calories, $0.99

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