Kekes Omelets

Kekes Omelets

KeKes Breakfast Cafes Waffle

KeKe’s Café Omelets

Are you thinking of having a healthy breakfast this morning? Come dine at Keke’s Breakfast Café with fresh fruits on your French Toast. The slow-cooked bread with a thorough coating of beaten eggs with melted butter adds a new dimension of flavor.

Cheese Kekes Omelets540 Calories$10.99
Western Omelet550 Calories$13.49
Ham and Cheese Omelet580 Calories$12.49
Southwest Omelet780 Calories$13.49
Sausage and Cheese Omelet710 Calories$12.49
Portabella Omelet740 Calories$13.49
Hawaiian Omelet610 Calories$12.79
Cheese Steak Omelet630 Calories $14.49
Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Omelet660 Calories$12.49
Three Meat Omelet (choice of three)960 Calories$15.49
Greek Omelet410 Calories $12.49
Italian Chicken Omelet590 Calories$14.49
Bar-B-Que Omelet650 Calories$14.99
Buffalo Chicken Omelet800 Calories$14.99
Fajita Omelet590 Calories$14,99

Experience the Flavors of Freshness and Creativity with KeKes Omelets

Cheese Omelet

A cheese omelet is a fluffy and light meal with three eggs. Keke’s Breakfast Café uses freshly grated cheese for its signature taste because Keke do not believe in pre-shredded ingredients in our meals!

540 calories, $10.99

Western Omelet

Western Omelet originated in the 19th century when cattle drivers ordered a sandwich served with bread. Try the modern breadless version with ham, green paper, cheddar cheese, and onion.

550 calories, $13.49

Ham and Cheese Omelet

Combining ham and cheese is a classic dish that Keke is expert in! The customer receives a softly rolled Kekes omelets filled with love, care, and taste. Our chefs have the secrets to make the ham and cheese omelet perfect each time.

580 calories, $12.49

Southwest Omelet

The Southwest Kekes omelets is a spicier version of the Western omelet. The ingredients are tomato, onion, jalapeño, salsa, petal sauce, and pepper jack cheese. Order it at Keke’s Breakfast Café if you are sitting with family.

780 calories, $13.49

Sausage and Cheese Omelet

Enjoy a fluffy Kekes omelets with sausage and cheese. The unique combination of ingredients is the reason for waking up each morning! The simplicity stands out as our chef will serve the omelet instantly after you order it.

710 calories, $12.49

Portabella Omelet

Portabella Kekes Omelets with roasted mushrooms and provolone cheese. Red peppers bring the heat, while the pesto balances the flavors. Ask to serve with wheat toast for a balanced and nutritious breakfast before the day begins!

740 calories, $13.49

Hawaiian Omelet

The item on the menu is inspired by leftover pineapple and white American cheese. Keke empower our culinary staff with sustainability. Enjoy the Hawaiian Kekes omelets with diced pineapples and ham. It is sweet, cheesy, savory, and mouth-salivating.

610 calories, $12.79

Cheese Steak Omelet

Cheese Steak Kekes Omelets is our personal take on a Philly Cheesesteak. Steak, green pepper, onion, and white American cheese keep the calories low. Enjoy it without guilt at any time of the day, morning, noon, or evening!

630 calories, $14.49

Bacon, Tomato, and Cheddar Omelet

The Kekes omelets are the best with its delicious ingredients. Keke source tomatoes from the farmer’s market for optimal nutrition. The breakfast meal is loaded with chopped bacon, diced tomato, and cheddar cheese. When are you ordering it?

660 Calories, $12.49

Three Meat Omelet (choice of three)

Are you a meat lover? Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Three Meat Kekes Omelets! Select from ham, sausage, turkey sausage, bacon, or turkey bacon. The omelet is served with white American cheese. Keke guarantee the flavors stand out!

960 calories, $15.49

Greek Omelet

Keke suggest you try our Greek omelet for breakfast or brunch. It is filled with fresh baby spinach, diced tomato, and Athenos feta cheese, creating a delicious Mediterranean-flavored omelet.

410 calories, $12.49

Chicken Breast Omelets

Italian Chicken Omelet

The Italian chicken Kekes omelets recipe features jam-packed flavors featuring provolone cheese and pesto sauce. The primary ingredient, fire-roasted red pepper, adds mild heat without overpowering the flavor profile.

590 calories, $14.99

Bar-B-Que Omelet

Are you craving a BBQ flavor at breakfast? Order Keke’s Breakfast Café’s omelet with caramelized onions and BBQ sauce. The American cheese introduces lightness and creaminess, making it a nutritious breakfast.

650 calories, $14.99

Buffalo Chicken Omelet

Buffalo chicken is everyone’s favorite, so why not combine it with eggs? Frank’s Red-Hot Sauce, white American cheese with ranch dressing, results in a reasonable calorie count.

800 calories, $14.99

Fajita Omelet

The omelet is filled with protein and flavor. It is a flavorful meal with added vegetables such as onion and green pepper. The cheddar cheese and seasoned chicken breast will have you ordering it again!

590 calories, $14.99

Create your omelet

Create your Vegetable omelet

The veggie surprise is a healthy and joyful start to the day. Keke offers choices of three vegetables combined with white American cheese.

550-750 calories, $12.49

Create your Meat Omelet

Keke’s Breakfast Café serves a fully customized meat-galore omelet with white American cheese. The choices are

  • Ham or sausage
  • Pork or turkey bacon

680-960 calories, $13.49

Additions and Substitutions


Add the following vegetables to your omelet for $0.50 for each addition:

  • Tomato, five calories
  • Spinach, zero calories
  • Onion, 15 calories
  • Green pepper, 15 calories
  • Broccoli, five calories
  • Mushrooms, zero calories
  • Jalapeno, five calories


Add the following meats to your omelet for $1.50 for each addition

  • Ham, 40 calories
  • Bacon, 150 calories
  • Sausage, 170 calories
  • Turkey bacon, 40 calories
  • Turkey sausage, 80 calories
  • Chicken breast 70 calories

Egg Whites

Add egg whites 50 calories, add $1.49

Egg Substitutes

Egg substitutes are available

90 calories, $0.99

Side of Petal Sauce

Delicious sauce made from garlic, paprika, and cayenne

320 calories, $0.50

Side of Salsa

Salivating sauce made from chopped red tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime, and chili peppers

20 calories, $0.50

Substitute Athenos Feta

Healthy, delicious cheese with a tangy flavor

80 calories, $0.99

Add home fries inside your omelet

Who loves home fries? Answer: Everyone!

140 calories, $0.99

Omelet Frequently Asked Questions

Keke’s Breakfast Café is the best place to get a good omelet near you. If you are in Florida, you cannot miss Kekes Omelets. 

The calorie of an omelet can vary based on the size of the eggs used and any additional ingredients. On average, a plain omelet with two large eggs contains approximately 140-190 calories.

Adding cheese to an omelet will increase its calorie content. Depending on the type and amount of cheese used, an omelet with cheese can range from 250-400 calories or more.

The carbohydrate content of a cheese omelet will primarily come from the cheese. On average, a cheese omelet may contain around 2-4 grams of carbohydrates, depending on the specific cheese used.

The calorie content of a ham and cheese omelet will depend on the quantity and type of ham, cheese, and eggs used. A ham and cheese omelet can range from 300-500 calories.

A western omelet typically contains diced ham, bell peppers, onions, and sometimes cheese. Depending on the size and ingredients, a Western omelet can range from 300-500 calories or more.

The carbohydrate content in a ham and cheese omelet will primarily come from the ham and any added vegetables. On average, a ham and cheese omelet may contain around 2-5 grams of carbohydrates.

The cost of an omelet can vary depending on the location, type of establishment, and additional ingredients. The average cost of an omelet at Kekes Breakfast Café is $10 to $15, depending upon different types.

The carbohydrate content of a Western omelet will depend on the ingredients used, such as bell peppers and onions. On average, a Western omelet may contain around 3-7 grams of carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate content of an omelet without any added ingredients is minimal, typically less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

The calorie content of a vegetable omelet will depend on the specific vegetables used. On average, a vegetable omelet can range from 150-250 calories or more.

Using only egg whites in an omelet can lower the calorie content. An egg white veggie omelet typically contains around 100-150 calories, depending on the vegetables and cooking methods.

A Western omelet can be a nutritious option as it usually contains vegetables like bell peppers and onions, which provide essential vitamins and minerals. However, it’s important to consider portion sizes, cooking methods, and additional ingredients like cheese or processed meats, which can affect the overall nutritional value. Moderation and balance are crucial to maintaining a healthy diet.

A Greek omelet typically includes feta cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and olives. A Greek omelet can range from 200-400 calories or more, depending on the specific ingredients and portion sizes.

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