kekes cafe citrus park

Kekes Café Citrus Park

Your favorite location is Kekes Café Citrus Park at 12883 Citrus Plaza Drive, Tampa, FL 33625. The menu consists of mouth-salivating breakfast, brunch, and lunch items. In addition, you can customize paninis, waffles, salads, pancakes, and other services. Call 813-616-8108 for any further queries.

Kekes Café Citrus Park Location Florida

Map Location12883 Citrus Plaza Drive, Tampa, FL 33625
Email[email protected]

The primary attraction in Kekes Café Citrus Park is Big Cat Rescue. The tourists can admire 80 different forms of rescued animals. The list includes leopards, lynxes, ocelots, cats, cougars, and tigers. The attendees are carefully guided across the pathway using golf carts. However, walking tours are also available. You may also love to visit Kekes Cape Coral location to enjoy lovely breakfast.

Citrus Park offers diverse activities, such as cigar brewing. Locals and tourists can browse the brewery. After, the tour concludes with the attendees purchasing craft beer or cigars from the company. If you have time, enroll in the Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout tour. The brew contains cinnamon, chiles, and cacao, taking inspiration from Latin and Madagascar.

Continuing tour to Citrus Park, visit the Westfield Indoor Mall for shopping and souvenir collection to take home. The mall also offers an indoor movie theater and other fun activities ideal for families and groups. It is the epitome of retail therapy.

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