Kekes Café Strand

Kekes Café Strand

What are you waiting for? Visit Kekes café strand and have fun with your family. Call Keke at 904-367-2929 to learn more about the kid’s menu if you are traveling with family.

Kekes Café Strand Location Florida

Map Location4906 Town Center Parkway Suite 104, Jacksonville, Florida 32246
Email[email protected]

Strand, Jacksonville offers a beautiful variation of more than 2000 exotic animals and 1000 plant variations at the zoo. It is the ideal place for tourists and locals to explore the environment and wildlife. The zoo exhibition has welcomed visitors since 1914 with glorious views involving tigers, manatees, and jaguars.

Strand is a beautiful place to browse the parks that offer Atlantic sceneries. Prepare yourself for miles of hiking and biking with clear visibility. Feel the white sand on your toes, build a mote, or do kayaking. There are separate areas for camping and family activities too.

Strand Town Center is a unique opportunity to blend with the town. You can shop from more than 175 retailers or window shops in more than 1.2 million square feet. There is something for everyone, whether you are a frugal shopper or a luxury spender.

Don’t forget to admire Neptune Beach for quaint, relaxing breaths. Kekes Café strand awaits you when you are done sightseeing at 4906 Town Center Parkway Suite 104, Jacksonville, Florida 32246. Try create-your-own combo for waffles, French toast, and pancakes.

Keke’s LongWood is also a good recommendation. Also visit this branch to taste its delicious pancakes.

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