kekes lake Mary

Kekes Lake Mary

After exploring, bring your empty tummy to Kekes Lake Mary. The attractive dining spot is at 4225 W. Lake Mary Blvd, Lake Mary, FL, 32746. If you are unsure of the location, call 407-878-4168.

Kekes Lake Mary Location Florida

Map Location4225 W. Lake Mary Blvd, Lake Mary, FL, 32746
Email[email protected]

Keke’s Breakfast Café Lake Mary

If you know about Kekes Lake Mary, it is a quiet suburban area in the Central Seminole Country in Florida. The latest census revealed the population at 15,000 residents. Lake Mary is situated in the northern part of Orlando and is a crucial metropolitan region in the Sanford-Kissimmee area.

Lake Mary invites endless tourists because of its walking distance to the Atlantic Coast. The trips are convenient and cost-efficient. Furthermore, a quick ride to the famous theme parks makes the trip worthwhile.

However, if you genuinely wish to experience Lake Mary culture, Keke insists you browse the local farmer’s market, which showcases local products. You can also interact with local farmers, business owners, and artists with years of experience in the area.

Lake Mary also provides activities for history lovers with its detailed museum exhibits. The historic places are straightforward and excellent attractions to learn more about the city, the Civil war, and its history. You can also listen to guest speakers. Explore Temple Terrace to taste Kekes Breakfast Café with your family.

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