kekes waterford lakes

Kekes Waterford Lakes

Visit Kekes Waterford lakes at 504 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828. For queries regarding food or seating, call Keke at 407-559-1400.

Kekes Waterford Lakes Location Florida

Map Location504 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828
Email[email protected]

Keke’s Breakfast Café Waterford Lakes

The tour of Waterford Lakes begins with Light Up UFC. The spot welcomes repeat visitors thanks to decent prices. Furthermore, Light Up UFC is also safe for kids too. There is a train for them to ride. They can enjoy the Ferris wheel and ice slide. The best time to visit is during the holiday season to greet Santa and enjoy carriage rides.

Numerous businesses provide a hands-on experience of Florida living. You can opt for board rides to witness the animals in natural habitats, such as eagles and alligators. Hunting and night rides are also available to experience the nocturnal landscapes.

Let’s take an educative turn on the Waterford Lakes Tour. The Kennedy Space Center is the highlight if you are interested in the vast universe and space travel. The tour lasts for more than 2.5 hours, where the tourists learn about assembling space parts and launch pads. You can listen to the stories of how everything came to be!

After the tour, order lunch paninis at Kekes Waterford Lakes Cafe. You can also browse the breakfast menu, beverages section, and side orders for a complete meal.

We suggest you to visit Keke’s Café at MetroWest. It is also rated top in the state of Florida.

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